Karissa's goal is to provide comprehensive and entertaining classes to engage Mothers and Partners. The journey to parenthood is a miraculous one, and her classes are empowering and enjoyable...with a little levity along the way! 
Karissa has had the opportunity to teach throughout the Triangle including in the hospital, birth center, OBGYN office and private settings.


Breastfeeding Basics, Private Class
Breastfeeding is natural, but it is also a learned behavior. Our society rarely affords us the opportuity to observe breastfeeding prior to birthing our own babies. This is a private class. We will discuss your concerns, questions, and goals, and then will customize the curriculum accordingly. Topics typically covered:
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • How lactation works: from puberty to weaning
  • How birth impacts lactation
  • Normal newborn behavior including feeding cues.
  • What a good latch looks and feels like
  • It's not Ballet- Baby positioning
  • Infant intake and weight gain
Pumping 101, Private Class

This class is designed for those who will be relying heavily on pumping. We will have a comprehensive conversation to identify goals and baby's needs. Topics typically covered:
  • Creating a pumping schedule
  • How to Pump (instruction)
  • Sizing flanges
  • Hands on pumping method
  • Hand expression
  • Milk Storage
  • Feeding Methods

Childbirth Classes
Karissa is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Instructor. Currently, she is teaching private in-home classes. Karissa offers comprehensive 12 hour courses as well as refresher workshops for seasoned parents. Please contact Karissa for futher details.