Kind Words

Below you will find some of the kind words that have been shared with me over the years. They are categorized by Birth Class Students, Lactation Support Clients and by Doula Clients.

Birth Class 
These quotes were taken from the anonymous end of class evaluations.

Thank you for making us feel empowered about the birthing process and that it is a natural thing to go through, knowing what to expect and being prepared for the pain management and support from our husbands and birthing team. Wonderful class!!

I really enjoyed trying out several different positions to not only see what felt right to me but to know what may or may not feel right to me in labor. I learned new tools and positions I didn't know about!
You do a wonderful job! I feel way more ready for whatever will come!
As a VBAC candidate, I have received the support I could not receive anywhere else. All of the information has been extremely helpful as one can easily think that after giving birth once, you are a pro and there's no need for another birth class. Much has been forgotten, but my instructor and fellow classmates help me to remember the things I actually forgot to do during my first birth.

I feel empowered to have a great birth! Thank you.

Wonderful class. We learned so learned so much more then we expected and our anxiety levels were lowered!

We are ready to become parents!
It was very interactive with a lot of nice visual aids. There wasn't a topic I didn't enjoy.

Karissa is an amazing teacher and has the heart needed to teach about such an amazing experience.

I feel like everything given was VERY informative.

You are the best & we love you. Not only did we walk away from the class feeling empowered, I felt I gained a new friend you in, Karissa & the other classmates. I had an amazing birth experience. Hands down the most amazing experience of my life and I know that because of your class, and the information that both myself and my husband walked away with, we felt confident and capable of having the birth I wanted. I also felt I was educated enough about the process in case we needed to make a change in our plan during labor & delivery. Thank you for being apart of the most amazing experiences of our lives!

My husband and I are really enjoying the class so far and found it really informative.It is obvious that Karissa is really passionate about birth and it comes through in the class. Thank you!  
Enjoyed that class size was small and therefore was felt very personalized. It was also entertaining as promised =) It felt informal… in a good way. Like we were able to have an open dialog versus being lectured.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. Not only is it helpful to the birth mother but also to her partner. It has opened up the communication lines between my partner and I regarding the birthing process. It has also taken the "fear" and "unknown" aspect out of the birthing process. Thank you!

You are very knowledgable and made us feel comfortable even with the tough topics.

Both my partner and I are enjoying the class. We leave class feeling empowered and excited. I personally feel more confident and comfortable about birthing and parenting already.

Breastfeeding Support
These quotes were taken from the anonymous evaluations of Patients

My appointment was great. There is no substitute for having a knowledgeable person actually watching the breastfeeding process. Karissa answered all my questions... and just generally reassured me that I was doing a fine job!
....Karissa was knowledgeable, informative, attentive, and supportive. She is awesome... Personally I feel most mothers, especially new moms, give up too quickly. They all should see her! Thank you Karissa!
Karissa was wonderful & supportive & I would recommend her to anyone.
Karissa was very pleasant to work with and provided calm, soothing encouragement and great advice to help me get past my initial nursing problems. My son had difficulty latching, and I had a lot of pain for the first month or so. I was extremely discouraged and didn't know what to do. Having this support was fantastic...

Karissa was wonderful. My baby was born pre-term and spent his first week of life in a NICU where I wasn't allowed to touch or hold him most of the time. When I got home and wasn't producing enough milk for him to gain weight, my stress level went through the roof. Karissa helped reassure me that I was "doing all the right things." After putting my mind to rest and giving me some helpful tips, the milk started flowing! We have been happily breastfeeding for 3 months now.
I was very happy with my visits with Karissa. I felt she was knowledgeable, understood what I was trying to explain with my issues, and provided good feedback and help for me. I really think her help has helped with my breastfeeding and I wish she had been around when I had my first child!

Doula Reviews

Your help and suport during my labor made all of the difference. You helped me achieve something that I had never dreamed I could do! We not only have this wonderful little guy as part of our family, but I now have an awesome birth story. You are a wonderful doula!" – Sarah S.
“We loved having you with us during our birthing experience, you were very kind, gentle, generous and a loving and calm presence.”- Jessica K.
"Karissa was excellent! I'm so glad she was our doula. My daughter's birth went better than I could have expected!" - Krystle M
"My husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family in November. I had such a wonderful birth experience thanks to Karissa Binkley. She was so wonderful and a perfect match for us. My husband and I had taken and in depth birth class, and felt completely prepared, but there were things that came up during my birth were not "in my birth plan" Karissa was so comforting and so encouraging. She was so creative in finding positions to help comfort me. When it came time to push Karissa was the reason I was able to stay focus and she had great ideas on ways for me to maximize my energy when pushing. My husband was fearful that having a Doula would eliminate his role, but Karissa told him things to do so that he was involved and he had confidence in what he was doing. After our baby was born she captured pictures and helped our baby latch right away to promote breastfeeding. Then she took all of our things to our postpartum room (which was so gracious and unexpected). She just made the day so perfect and I look back on my birth with such joy because of her." - Elizabeth H.
"Arianna can’t wait to hang out more with the nĂºmero UNO doula! Karissa, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish every thing if it weren’t for you wealth of knowledge added to my family support.... We love u!”- Candace L 

“Karissa was very instrumental in the support (physical and emotional) of the mother and father.” Cathy, RN
 “This was our first baby and having a doula was helpful. We stayed on task and focused for a natural birth and natural process. Karissa was so knowledgeable at just the right times.”- Julie A.
"From the first meeting with Karissa (to "interview" her), I knew she was the right doula for our family. Karissa encouraged my husband and I to meet with other doulas to make sure we found the right fit, and I dutifully followed her advice, but I knew she would be the One. I've always had a hard time relaxing around new people, yet I had no doubts about inviting Karissa into that most intimate moment of our lives. Although Karissa and I met up a few times before the delivery, the defining moment for our doula/laboring mother relationship was just that- when my labor started. Karissa and I were on the phone every hour or so when my labor officially kicked in and she met us at the hospital just a few minutes after I checked in. I cannot put into words what it meant to have her in the room with my husband and I. She. was. amazing. She just knew what to do (and maybe more importantly, what not to do), what to say, and how to react to my reactions. My goal was a drug-free, intervention-free labor. I had the exact labor I wanted because of Karissa. So many times in the last hour or so I wanted to give up on my plan, and she always heard what I was saying, yet found a way to pull more inner strength out of me. I am forever grateful for Karissa. If and when my husband and I are blessed with another baby, Karissa will be there, by our side, just like the first time. After labor, breastfeeding was the next intense and painful struggle. At my lowest moment, she hopped in her car (spur of the moment) and came to my house to keep me going. My most dreaded time of day (nursing my new baby) is now my absolute favorite. The relationship you have with your doula may only last a short time, but in my case, it was a wildly important relationship and one I am so thankful for. We are forever bonded over one of the most important moments one can have in their lifetime. "-Danae D.
"Karissa is a gift! She is passionate about supporting women through the amazing and challenging experiences of labor and childbirth. In addition to her vast knowledgable about the science of labor and of women's bodies, she also has a deep wisdom for knowing women. Throughout my labor process, Karissa was there at every twist and turn of labor. She knew exactly where to place pillows when I laid on my side during contractions. She made sure I kept hydrated and fueled by getting me drinks she feeding me fruit and snacks. She held my hands when I was in transition and supported me in every way. Karissa was a gentle, yet sturdy force throughout my entire labor and delivery. And, what was exactly what I needed. She exudes a warmth and compassion that puts you at ease. She also has a fantastic sense of humor that came in handy at just the right times! Funny things happen--yes, even during labor! I absolutely adore Karissa and am inspired by her commitment to supoprting women throughout labor, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Once is a while you meet someone, like Karissa, who has found their true calling in life. When this happens, it is a beautiful and powerful thing. And to be at the receiving end of that is just the best gift ever! Karissa was my advocate, my teacher, and my support. I am so incredibly grateful that she was my doula." - Kris M.