About Karissa

Karissa has supported and taught about childbirth in hospitals, birth centers and a number of OB and Midwifery practices throughout the Triangle. Karissa founded a lactation clinic at Cary Pediatrics where she currently works with Mothers and Babies to provide empowering breastfeeding support. Karissa recently launched her private practice, Second Nature Lactation, to meet the needs of Parents in Western Wake County who prefer homevisits.
My Philosophy
I grew up in a family of women who believe that childbirth and breastfeeding are two naturally beautiful aspects of Motherhood. I attended my first Lamaze class and witnessed my first birth at age nine with the arrival of my brother. I believe that each woman has the right to choose where, and how she healthfully births and nourishes her baby, and that her choices should be respected and supported.

What I Do
As a Lactation Consultant, I facilitate in the process of developing a comfortable and healthy breastfeeding relationship with Mother and Baby. I also work with Mothers who choose not to feed at the breast. I named my business Second Nature  because clients come to me when something just doesnt feel right. It is my hope that through compassion and education they are able to become comfortable with the process as if it's second nature. 
As a Doula, I worked with Mothers and Partners by providing emotional and physical comfort measures. I am honored to have supported women during the awesome transition from pregnancy to Motherhood. I retired from attending births so that I could better focus on my lactation career.
As a Childbirth Educator, I provide evidence based information to empower Parents to choose how to best birth their baby. My goal is to assist in making the birthing experience a positive and powerful memory for the Mother and Partner. By providing current research,  and my background in attending births, I assist families through any questions that they may have along their journey.

My Background
I love what I do. With the help of my family, I have built my world around supporting Women. I owned The Diapering Doula, a cloth diaper service and space that offered a variety of programs and services to Triangle Families. The space I built was home to  community outreach programs including: La Leche League, International Cesarean Awareness Network, Postpartum Depression Support Groups, New Moms Networking, VBAC and Homebirth Education Panels, and more. In July of 2013, I closed the doors of the service and forwarded my business to Community Workforce Solutions, a local non profit, so that I could focus on my work in the Perinatal Period as well as spend more time with my first born Nursling

I have lived throughout the country as well as Canada and Hungary. I received my BA in Sociology and Anthropology from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.  I love to travel and learn about new things. My husband and I have two children, and after living in so many places revel in putting down roots with our kids here in Wake County were we have lived since 2007.