About Karissa


My Philosophy
I grew up in a family of women who believe that childbirth and breastfeeding are two naturally beautiful aspects of Motherhood. I attended my first Lamaze class and witnessed my first birth at age nine with the arrival of my brother. I believe that each woman has the right to choose where, when, and how she healthfully births her baby, and that her choices should be respected and supported.

What I Do
As a Doula, I worked with Mothers and Partners by providing emotional and physical comfort measures. I am honored to have supported women during the awesome transition from pregnancy to Motherhood. I retired from attending births so that I could better focus on my lactation and education career.
As a Childbirth Educator, I provide evidence based information to empower Parents to choose how to best birth their baby. My goal is to assist in making the birthing experience a positive and powerful memory for the Mother and Partner. By providing current research,  my background in attending births, I assist families through any questions that they may have along their journey.

As a Lactation Consultant, I facilitate Mothers and Babies in developing a comfortable and healthy breastfeeding relationship. I teach breastfeeding classes and provide lactation clinics at Cary Pediatric Center.

My Background

I love what I do. With the help of my family, I have built my world around supporting Women. I owned The Diapering Doula, a cloth diaper service and space that offered a variety of programs and services to Triangle Families. I have hosted community outreach programs including: La Leche League, International Cesarean Awareness Network, Postpartum Depression Support Groups, New Moms Networking, VBAC and Homebirth Education Panels, and more. In July of 2013, I closed the doors of the service and forwarded my business to Community Workforce Solutions, a local non profit, so that I could focus on my work in the Perinatal Period.

I have lived throughout the country as well as Canada and Hungary. I received my BA in Sociology and Anthropology from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and am currently earning my Certificate in Non Profit Management at Duke University.

I am the Mother of two children. 

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