A Mother is Born

What an appropriate day to share my new venture. Four years ago I became a Mother. At this time I also owned a little diaper shop that doubled as a community center. This 400 sq ft boutique was modest in size, but big on its impact in so many lives, including my own. "New Moms Group" was held weekly, along with a list of other programs, and dozens of sleep deprived women would converge with their sweet babes to share stories and seek support. Tina Sherman, the facilitator, connected so many women, many of which are friends to this day.

We graduated about a half dozen groups. My particular group was the last before we closed our doors. We were a rag tag group who came from all over the triangle with colorful stories and interesting backgrounds. From early twenties to forties, our common denominator was that Motherhood was humbling and we sought normalcy in a new life we knew nothing about. Mommy friends bond quickly- much like living in a foxhole, we commiserated over battle wounds (sore nipples) and sleep deprivation. My Mamas were my comrades, and they still are.

Over these four years we have grown apart at times, finding other friends, returning to work, etc., but this tribe has been the backbone of my time as a Mother. We still call ourselves "New Moms Group" even though we have second, and even third children on the way. We have celebrated many milestones, and we have braved tragedy. Having strong women beside a new Mother is what I hope for every pregnant Mom.

This Spring I was offered the opportunity to work for Baby + Co, a new Birth Center in Cary, where I teach and facilitate a number of programs. One in particular is close to my heart, and will start this week. "A Mother is Born" will be a biweekly group for Pregnant Mothers in their second trimester. It will be a safe place to ask questions, learn about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, and most importantly, to meet other Women.

This program is currently free, and all expecting Moms are welcome to join. I only ask that you commit to attending every other Monday from 6:30-8pm for four sessions. Please visit Starting this week, I will be facilitating "A Mom is Born" groups at Baby+ Co. This will be a place for Mothers  in their 2nd Trimester to meet fellow Mamas and build community. It is so important for women to be with others along this amazing journey, and I am honored to be a part of it. This is a FREE group; I simply ask for commitment to meet every other Monday from 6:30-8pm for 2 months. Moms must sign up no later than tonight! Please share!  To sign up, please visit http://cary.babyandcompany.com/classes-wellness-support/a-mom-is-born/ to sign up.