Fun and Informative!

5 Childbirth & Breastfeeding Guidance Program
Starts This Thursday!

When: 6-8:30pm Thursdays
Where: Cary Pediatrics, 1001 Crescent Green Dr, Cary, NC 27518
Who is this class for? First Time and Seasoned Parents Welcome.
What Do You Need? Comfortable Clothing, The Course Provides the Rest
Cost: $199, Register Here

Summary: This class is as entertaining and it is educational. My goal is to empower Families through education... with a bit of levity along the way! By understanding the how and why of labor, birth and breastfeeding, these wonderful experiences are normalized and fear subsided. In this class, you will also learn about how to advocate for yourself and on behalf of your Partner. We will cover the risks, benefits and alternatives to interventions, so that you are able to make an informed decision. The breastfeeding portion of this class will prepare for you for nursing your baby and how to best support Mama in this process. Here are what past students have said about this course:

Thank you for making us feel empowered about the birthing process and that it is a natural thing to go through, knowing what to expect and being prepared for the pain management and support from our husbands and birthing team. Wonderful class!!

You are the best & we love you. Not only did we walk away from the class feeling empowered, I felt I gained a new friend you in, Karissa & the other classmates. I had an amazing birth experience. Hands down the most amazing experience of my life and I know that because of your class, and the information that both myself and my husband walked away with, we felt confident and capable of having the birth I wanted. I also felt I was educated enough about the process in case we needed to make a change in our plan during labor & delivery. Thank you for being apart of the most amazing experiences of our lives!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. Not only is it helpful to the birth mother but also to her partner. It has opened up the communication lines between my partner and I regarding the birthing process. It has also taken the "fear" and "unknown" aspect out of the birthing process.

May 10th Baby Reunion

Saturday May 10th 10-Noon
North Cary Park
I am celebrating my 5th year in the Childbirth Birth Community and invite past clients, students and mentors to kick off Mother's Day Weekend by visiting with friends and make new ones!

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