What My Daughter has Taught Me.

Pregnancy and Parenthood are humbling. I have learned more about my body and psyche in the past three years than I have in thirty five. I have tested the limits of my pain tolerance, patience and sanity and have survived to tell this tale. As we embrace the preschool years, here are some of the most extraordinary lessons I have learned from my daughter, Cora.

Embrace the Moment Cora closed her eyes and smiled dreamily while I pushed her on the swing. "What are you thinking about?" I asked. "Im flying" she said as she flapped her wings. She was completely in the moment and enjoying the wind flowing through her hair.

Be Confident in Your Awesomeness When some compliments Cora, she agrees and thanks them. At what age did I lose my graciousness and resort to countering with self deprecation? There is a marked difference between being humble and being hostile towards yourself.

Forgive Quickly Whether it's a toddler tantrum or a pint sized spat with friends, Cora rolls with it and quickly moves on. There are no grudges. As a New Mother, I am thankful that she does not hold on to the mistakes I have made.

Wonder in Everyday Miracles There is nothing more amazing than viewing the world through the lenses of a child. Everything is new, and the mundane are extraordinary to a person who has lived on this earth for only a few years. The feel of moss, a carwash, or simple grocery store errand can be an adventure when I join Cora on her level of wonderment.

Goofiness  Laughter releases so many feel good hormones. When was the last time you laughed until you gasped? Cora will often dance around the house naked, or sing a silly song, or smear food on her face and simply revel in her own comedy. Many times her antics are enough to make me belly laugh, but there are other times that I'll partake in her ballet with dolls, running crazily down the beach or having a tickle fight with my family.

Common Sense that Eludes Me Now Sleep When You're Tired. Eat Until Your Full. Exercise Through Living Life.