September Classes


Comfort Measures, A Refresher
Date:Thursday Sept 12, 6-8pm
Summary: This is a great supplementary class for those who have attended a childbirth program and wish to delve further into ways a Partner can assist Mom. It's also a perfect refresher for seasoned parents.
Childbirth Guidance Program
Date:Wednesdays Sept 18-Oct 16, 6-8pm
Summary: This comprehensive course covers the emotional & physical aspects of the prenatal, birth and postpartum journey to Parenthood. Topics Include: Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy and Birth; Comfort Measures in the Third Trimester; Identifying Labor; Comfort Measures in Labor & Relaxation Techniques; Empowering the Partner; Interventions; Advocacy; Breastfeeding & Postpartum care. 
Breastfeeding Basics
Date: September 16, 6-8:30   
Class Topics Include:
Physiology and Anatomy of Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Positions
Latching on Baby
Expectations in the Fourth Trimester
Feeding Cues, Knowing When and How Much a Baby Nurses
Avoiding Common "Booby Traps"
Nursing in Public
A Partner's Role in The Breastfeeding Relationship