A Doula's Bag

Here are a few of my favorite things to pack when headed to a birth. It has been pared down as the
years have gone on and my confidence in techniques has grown. It's amazing what you can do with with a pool noodle, tube sock and flat sheet. Read on!
Flax Sock- I fill a tube sock with flax seed, knot the top and place in the microwave for 15-30 sec. It's an excellent heating pad that stays warm for quite some time. It also smells it's counterpart, the rice sock.
Rebozo (You can also use a sheet) Rebozos and similar woven wraps are used in Mexico and counterpressure to belly sifting, the rebozo is invaluable to my job of keeping Mother's comfortable. I teach rebozo techniques in my Comfort Measures Classes.
elsewhere as a comfort measure in pregnancy, throughout labor, and then to carry the babe. From

Lotion- Preferably, non greasy and unscented. Massage on the hands and feet as well as the scalp (with fingers or a brush) can be quite relaxing. Be sure to keep scents at a minimum as it's most unfortunate if a Mama becomes nauseated by a smell and is covered in the offending odor!
Squishy Ball- I use a soft ball for many things- from counter pressure to having Mom hold it for stress clenching.

Karissa and Penny Simkin
TENS Unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). These electrodes are attached to the Mother's back and attached to a TENS Unit specifically made for labor. The sensation can be intermittent or pulsing and Mom controls the intensity of the stimulation.
A Noodle- Excellent  for rubbing the entire width if the back at the same time. Simply cut a pool noodle to size.

Personal Items
Sustenance-  A Mother is only as well supported as her labor crew. It's essential that the team is  well fed and watered. I bring granola bars, Gu shots, honey sticks and of course water and coconut water for hydration. The Gu Shots and honey sticks are for Mama. For the sake of my clients I also bring mouthwash and deodorant.

Tunes-When I gave birth, my playlist was left home. Luckily a good friend of mine had some music and I remember distinctly how much I enjoyed hearing Bob Marleys "Three Little Birds" just when I was in the thick of it. For that reason I bring my iPad with many Pandora stations!

There are some other items here and there, and of course, as a Doula, I have the essential birthing ball in my car, but the above mentioned are packed at the top of my bag. The most important thing that a Doula brings with her is her knowledge, experience and confidence in the Woman she is serving- the rest is bells and whistles.