What is this #### business?

I'm old school. I write letters in cursive... and I send them with a stamp. I took typing lessons in middle school... on a typewriter. I like my phone to have a handset. I prefer my mentor's old posters from the 80's to PowerPoint. My 83 year old Grandfather eclipsed me in coolness when he friended me on Facebook. I simply choose the lower tech approach to life.

Before you deem me a curmudgeon, I'll share that I love research . I may prefer that my books have pages rather than pixels, but I embrace change. There are so many wonderful journals about the perinatal period and these published studies are discovering topics about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding that allow us to better understand ourselves and our babies. I want to share these articles with you, so I have ushered myself into the world of Twitter to post this fantastic info. I may also post factoids for levity along the way.

You have already joined my Twitter page you say? And years ago? Yes, well, I was having FB posts automatically uploaded, so you'll find lots of random info on my feed, and I haven't the patience to delete. From here on out though, it's intentional info. I ask that you please share you finds as well. And... once I figure out what this hashtag business is all about I may actually be getting somewhere!  Follow me at https://twitter.com/thebirthingnest and I'll write #thebirthingnest for good measure to see what that does!