Mothers Day

Me and The Future Sister
Motherhood. For many, it's a sorority easily joined, and for others, it's challenging. All pledges are legacies, having come into this world from the prior generation of sisters. I joke that the best club in the world has the hardest hazing. Labor is work. It is painful. But, it is also cleansing, and when a woman steps through it, her every fiber imbues strength and valor.

I knew everything there was to know about Motherhood until I became one. Now Im clearly a member, because Im mildly clueless (apparently my brain was ushered out with the placenta) My life is navigated by the whims of a two year old, and a pot (or two) of java each day .  Forget The Peace Corps; Motherhood is the hardest job you'll ever love!

The sisterhood. I am grateful for those who have come before us and revel in those little women who will one day proceed us. My fellow Mamas rock, and because of them I keep my sanity in the midst of life's upheavals, or my toddlers meltdowns at Target. I have a soft place to land. I have a shoulder to lean on. I have a group that I can be completely myself where candor is appreciated.

I have lived in dozens of places throughout my life, and I am so thankful to put down roots in the Triangle. Six years ago this week we bought our house and decided this was where I'd rush. My ceremony was four years later when I gave birth to Cora. I am now on the welcoming committee and am so grateful that I have the opportunity to share our sorority with others.

I hope that should my daughter decide to have children, she will find her sorority, her tribe, her troupe and there she can revel in how strong, smart and beautiful she is. Happy Mother's Day Sisters.
(PS, I was not in a sorority, so apologies if my metaphors were wrong!)