Birth Beach Weekend

Last weekend, I attended a Passion for Birth workshop on Topsail Island. My mentor, and dear friend, Ann Tumblin, sets the bar high when it comes to setting the stage for wonderfully innovative classes, and nothing tops the view from her classroom.

This is the second CBE workshop that I have attended with Passion for Birth, and I got just as much out of it this time as I did the first time around. The students who were at this particular event were exceptionally interesting and entertaining, and our backgrounds varied from working with a teens, to hospital instructors, to those just getting started. Each person brought something unique to the program, and I have to admit, I took notes and just might have to steal some ideas from these Ladies for my own classes.

(We didnt have anyone to take pictures for us, and I wanted us all included)
I love teaching, and I love changing up my curriculum- it insures that I never get bored, my students enjoy themselves, and the content remains up to date. I also find new games for my classes- so beware- I have new props in my teaching chest that will be sure to dazzle, or at the very least elicit a chuckle.