Birth Beach Weekend

Last weekend, I attended a Passion for Birth workshop on Topsail Island. My mentor, and dear friend, Ann Tumblin, sets the bar high when it comes to setting the stage for wonderfully innovative classes, and nothing tops the view from her classroom.

This is the second CBE workshop that I have attended with Passion for Birth, and I got just as much out of it this time as I did the first time around. The students who were at this particular event were exceptionally interesting and entertaining, and our backgrounds varied from working with a teens, to hospital instructors, to those just getting started. Each person brought something unique to the program, and I have to admit, I took notes and just might have to steal some ideas from these Ladies for my own classes.

(We didnt have anyone to take pictures for us, and I wanted us all included)
I love teaching, and I love changing up my curriculum- it insures that I never get bored, my students enjoy themselves, and the content remains up to date. I also find new games for my classes- so beware- I have new props in my teaching chest that will be sure to dazzle, or at the very least elicit a chuckle.

Empowering The Mother in a Cesarean Birth

This is a wonderful video that I encourage Mothers and Partners to view. Birth can be powerful even if the journey changes route. Discuss with your doctors and share with others who may be planning a necessary Cesarean Birth.

One Day Intensive Childbirth Class

It's Not Too Late!

1 Day Childbirth Class  May 4 10am-4pm

This one day intensive course covers the physiology of labor, comfort measures, interventions and advocacy. $149 includes class, handouts and The Lamaze Guide.
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"As a partner, this class was exactly what I was looking for and needed. Karissa's gift of teaching from the heart through her craft certainly reassured us from the first hour to the last." Alex S.

Webinar- Getting the Most Out of Your Hospital Tour

Do I Need to Take a Hospital Tour?

This is a question many first time parents ask. There are different options depending on where you are giving birth -- virtual, group or private tour. The hospital tour is an optimal time to find out how your desired birth fits into the hospitals policies and procedures.

During this one hour webcast you will gain insight on the questions to ask- and important things to think about which will show the impact that taking a hospital tour can have on your labor and deliver experience, and help teach you effective tips for getting the most out of your hospital tour. Get answers to some important questions with expert presenter, Allison Walsh, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and presenter, Allison Walsh will:

  • Identify the importance of taking a hospital tour before the big moment arrives
  • Provide tips on preventing the mad scramble
  • Identify the key issues to explore when on your tour
  • Provide tips to learn about hospital and provider policy on labor support, mobility, nutrition, comfort measures, breastfeeding and many more
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A Personal Testimonal to Extended Breastfeeding

I am often asked in class why anyone would want to continue breastfeeding after 6 months or a year. I understand this question, and can empathize with the "weird" factor that some students have alluded to. Before having children, toddlers are a species onto themselves- long gone are the they days of the immobile cherub. Now replaced with a walking, talking opinionated kiddo, and it's hard to imagine that they are still babies, and need not only the comfort, but the wonderful benefits of nursing.

This week was a shining example of why extended breastfeeding is so healthy and helpful. Our household was not immune to the norovirus visiting the Triangle. Matt and I were sidelined with chills, muscle pain, horrid abdominal cramps and dehydration. Throughout this excruciating illness, I continued to nurse Cora. Why?

Breast milk is miraculous. My two year old does not have a full functioning immune system just yet, and as my body fought these nasty cooties, it synthesized antibodies which were shared with Cora in my breast milk. How cool is that?

What's cooler? Mama doesn't have to be sick to produce power milk. Did you know that if baby is exposed to a bacteria or virus and nurses, Mom will produce antibodies that are ready for her baby by the next breastfeeding session?

Beyond the health benefits, nursing is also a wonderful respite to a high energy day. Taking a few moments to just hold one another and relax from a day of play and adventure sweet in itself. Extended breastfeeding is good for the mind, body and soul.

Breastfeeding Workshop for Doulas

As a New CLC, I have found benefit in knowing more in depth ways to support and educate woman on breastfeeding- that is why I will be hosting a class with Laura Nance this Summer.
20 Hour Lactation Course
August 22,23, 24 9-4pm
Join CAPPA Faculty Laura Nance in this fun and practical course to educate about and support breastfeeding to the public. This is the first step to becoming a Certified Lactation Educator with CAPPA.Click Here for Further Details

TENS Unit Cert. Sept. 20th

I have enjoyed using the TENs unit for years and want to share this device with other Doulas!

Touch for Birth Advanced Doula Workshop!

I am so proud to have the opportunity to offer this fantastic workshop to our Triangle Doula Community!