Tonight's Study

This week I began my journey to earning my IBCLC credentials. I am a long way away from becoming an IBCLC, but as with most important positions in life (biggest of all Motherhood) it’s worth the challenge and patience. Within the next few months I will have the confidence and qualifications to teach breastfeeding classes and support Mothers. I would appreciate any words of wisdom from this community on how you as Mothers were best supported during your breastfeeding relationships. During this journey, I will be sharing my experiences and fascinating tidbits that I have picked up along the way. Here are some less common facts about breast milk:
·         Feeding a baby breast milk in the first month of her life may improve long range cholesterol levels.
·         A Mother breastfeeding a son will produce 25% more calorie rich milk
·         Lauric and Capric Acids are found in breast milk and provide some protections against viruses, bacteria and protozoa. A mother can increase these acids over 20% by introducing coconut to her diet.
·         Kangaroos have pink milk!