One Day Childbirth Class

Sunday, March 3 10-4pm

This is a six hour class that briefly covers: anatomy and physiology of labor and birth; comfort measures; interventions; advocacy. This course is a great refresher for seasoned parents or as a supplemental to a more traditional chilbirth course.

Tonight's Study

This week I began my journey to earning my IBCLC credentials. I am a long way away from becoming an IBCLC, but as with most important positions in life (biggest of all Motherhood) it’s worth the challenge and patience. Within the next few months I will have the confidence and qualifications to teach breastfeeding classes and support Mothers. I would appreciate any words of wisdom from this community on how you as Mothers were best supported during your breastfeeding relationships. During this journey, I will be sharing my experiences and fascinating tidbits that I have picked up along the way. Here are some less common facts about breast milk:
·         Feeding a baby breast milk in the first month of her life may improve long range cholesterol levels.
·         A Mother breastfeeding a son will produce 25% more calorie rich milk
·         Lauric and Capric Acids are found in breast milk and provide some protections against viruses, bacteria and protozoa. A mother can increase these acids over 20% by introducing coconut to her diet.
·         Kangaroos have pink milk!

Upcoming Birthing Classes

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1 Day Childbith Class: Overview

This is a six hour class that briefly covers: anatomy and physiology of labor and birth; comfort measures; interventions; advocacy. This course is a great refresher for seasoned parents or as a supplemental to a more traditional chilbirth course.
  • Sunday March 3 10-4pm, Lunch Included
$99 per couple
6 Week Traditional Class Offerings
  • Fridays March 8- April 12 6-8:30pm
  • Fridays May 24- June 28 6-8:30pm
Includes: Class Handouts
The Lamaze Guide
La Leche League Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
$199 per Couple/ $159 for Doula Clients


Ask the Doulas, This Sunday

Curious about Birth?
       Want to Learn More about Doulas?
             Newly Pregnant and Dont Know Where to Begin? Start Here.

This is a casual hour to have your questions answered by Doulas Karissa Binkley and Milli Davis.
Join us THIS SUNDAY at The Family Nest! 6pm
4109 Grace Park Drive, Morrisville

Lessons Learned

Growing up birth was not feared, nor was it ever considered a big affair in my household. It was an event that was miraculously ordinary- after all , we’ve all been there and done that in one fashion or another. I attended my first Lamaze class, and witnessed my first birth at age nine with the arrival of my brother, Lloyd. Breasts were a food source and  I nursed my dolls without reservation. Having birth normalized at such a young age has instilled in me a faith in the birthing body, Mother’s intuition and the beauty of patience.

The birth of my daughter was very different from what I had planned. I was transferred to the hospital and received exemplary care. The Doctors, Midwives and my Doulas collaborated to make my  experience safe and supportive. The education that my husband and I received from childbirth classes allowed us to understand our situation and discuss options in a very clear manner. Though it was not the birth that we had anticipated, we felt empowered as we were equipped to advocate for ourselves. This experience instilled in me a respect for Medicine, Childbirth Education and the beauty of flexibility.

Being a Client rather than a Doula that day forever changed my life. My eyes were opened to just how sacred this job is. The women who attended my birth that day will forever be my sisters. They held my hand, wiped my tears and shed some tears with me. They held my space as I journeyed deep inside to muster the courage and conviction I needed that day to give birth. My Doulas empowered my husband, kept him calm and protected us from distraction as I sought comfort in him during transition. The love between us strengthen that day and then exploded when we met Cora.

Cora turns two this week and these past couple of years have been blissfully chaotic. Here’s what I learned:

1.       Motherhood is Humbling. Motherhood the great equalizer and can bring the most   successful woman to her knees. For a type A personality like myself, I found it hard to believe that I couldn’t do it all AND be sane. You can attempt the former, but you’ll soon lose the latter! When Cora became mobile I surrendered to the fact that I couldn’t run after a baby while running a shop. The decision of closing my boutique was a hard one, but was right for my family.

2.      Sleep When The Baby Sleeps. Harder to do than advise. It took over a year, but I now relish my afternoon naps with Cora and we both wake up refreshed and ready to greet the rest of the day with a positive perspective.

3.      Follow Your Instincts. Motherly instincts are rarely wrong. If something doesn’t sit right, act on it. I grew Cora, I feed her and no one knows her better than me.

4.      There is no right way to feed a baby. From nursing positioning to first foods, everyone has an opinion. If you’re kid is pooping and peeing, chances are they are just fine.

5.      Children Survive in Spite of Us. Whether we teach our kids to read at three or we let them eat play dough, they will thrive in an environment of love.