Rebozo Workshop

I recently attended a Rebozo Workshop with Gena Kirby. The setting couldn't have been more gorgeous. I arrived at  The Joy of Movement at Chatham Mills and the midmorning sun was streaming in through the large windows; it was such a lovely way to start the day.

The Rebozo is a woven fabric used by Mexican Woman in their daily chores, as a shawl,  and as a comfort measure in pregnancy and labor. From swaddling in the cradle or on the back at birth, so being swaddled in the coffin at death, the Rebozo is an integral part of a Woman's life.

I had previously implemented the Rebozo in my work as a Doula, but this workshop offered additional techniques and gave me a better understanding of it's use beyond labor. I have a new found respect for this piece of fabric, and I look forward to including what I have learned in my childbirth classes.

Here I am practicing and relaxation technique with fellow Doula Joann Dahill.