Mothering The Mother

Since time began, women have supported other women in pregnancy and childbirth. A girl was schooled in childbirth at a young age as she bore witness to the labors of her sisters, aunts and mother. Birth was not seen as a set of procedural steps, but as a journey that turned a Woman in to a Mother. Breastfeeding was a normal part of life and a learned process through observing others.

As our society began to embrace technology and extended families to move further away, birth moved out of our community, the care away from Midwives and the support and education became little to non existent. The rite of passage that celebrated the triumph of labor and the inauguration of Motherhood was gone, and pregnant women were seen as  patients that needed to be saved from themselves.

Women have now recognized the emotional void in conventional birth. We have acknowledged that this time in our lives is sacred, transformative, and should be handled with compassion and reverence. Our society hasn't quite caught up with our hearts- so in walks the Doula.

A Doula provides women what we once provided to one another- guidance, knowledge and a loving hand. Doulas hold the sacred space for the woman and partner, no matter what the location, to facilitate a beautiful experience.

Being a Doula is a calling.
Dedicating ourselves to Families a Privilege.
Supporting a Woman as she births a new soul into this world, humbling.
No, it never gets old.